amanda healey mulierose headshot Amanda Healey started her fashion journey at a young age. She began using her Sears Wishbook kid sewing machine to sew leftover fabrics from her mother’s projects at only 7 years old. She quickly progressed to her mother’s Singer, and adapted commercial patterns to fit her own figure. The sewing machine that she still uses was given as a Christmas present when she was 11, and she was fortunate enough to be given a serger last year as well. All self-taught, she continues to learn and expand her skills to create clothing of her own design.

She sketched her way through highschool dreaming of the day when she could see her creations on the catwalk. Derailed by the lures of a more ‘practical job’ she studied graphic design, and worked in the print industry for four years before going back to school for digital design at Vancouver Film School. It was here that she made contacts in film that led her to interviewing a series of models, designers, and makeup artists at the spring/summer 2010 shows at Vancouver Fashion Week. Working at VFW brought back all of the passion and desire to see her own designs being worn by other people.

Amanda was fortunate enough to secure a game design position at Microsoft upon graduating VFS, but kept her eye on the fashion world. Although she’s been wearing her own creations since her early teens, she never knew how to get involved in the fashion industry, or thought that she could make a decent living doing it. After speaking with a few vendors at local craft shows, she decided to take the plunge and just do it.

One of the reasons Amanda has made so much of her own clothing includes never looking the same at someone else. She’s not afraid to play with colour, and thinks that pretty clothes should be worn everyday, not just saved for special occasions. Amanda’s carried these ideas over into the Mulierose line, creating one of a kind clothing from upcycled men’s dress shirts and pretty embellishments. Her dream is to expand to stores across Canada, and sell her clothing worldwide through her online store.