Mulierose is a casual eco-friendly fashion line designed from upcycled clothing in Vancouver, BC

Portobello West

portobello west logoI’ve been busy sewing up my creations for the last few weeks and it’s down to the last week before the Portobello West show this upcoming weekend. I’m excited to show and sell my wares alongside other talented designers and crafters of many disciplines.

All of what I’ll be selling has originated as a man’s (ok, there’s two women’s shirts in the collection) dress shirt. I’ve transformed those shirts into cute elastic waistband skirts, ribbon strapped tops, and a couple of summery halter and strapless sundresses as well. The line incorporates elastic details and fits a range of body shapes from small to large.

Other than the small sample I have online in my Etsy shop, this is the first time buyers will have a chance to see the whole collection at once. There’s public washrooms at the venue where shoppers will have the opportunity to try on the clothes if they’re concerned with the fit.

If you haven’t already made plans for next weekend, I’d urge you to carve out a little time to stop by and see what Portobello West is all about. It’s at the Creekside Community centre in False Creek (1 Athletes Way) with underground and street parking. It runs Saturday and Sunday from 11 to 5 each day and costs only $2 for entrance to shop 60 vendors all under one roof.

It’s a great rainy day activity if you’re looking to get out of the house. If we’re lucky and it doesn’t rain, it’s a great opportunity to wander around the seawall after you shop. Perhaps even take a little ferry across to Granville island where you can continue to shop and support our local artisans.

Whatever your plans are, I hope you decide to make Portobello West part of them; I’ll see you at the show!

Mulierose has migrated to the fashion line it was always meant to be

Mulierose clothing by Amanda Healey

I’ve wanted to do clothing since I was in grade 7. I always thought I would get around to doing it one day. About a year ago I decided I was finally going to go out there and do it. I just needed a serger so I could professionally finish my seams. As luck, and a great boyfriend would have it, I got a shiny brand new serger under the Christmas tree a couple of months ago. I already had the name and a vision, and now here’s the first of my clothing line. It’s made out of repurposed men’s dress shirts, and keeps the buttons and hem details with some more feminine styling on the top. I love the satin details in the straps and the whimsical feeling it gives the clothing.

It’s great being back at the sewing machine, and while I still have a few details to work out with sizing, I’m excited to see my drawings take life in fabric.¬†While I don’t want to do jewelry any more, I would love to sell what I’ve made thus far. If you’d like something I’ve made, send me a note and we can work out a deal for a discounted price.

Last weekend at Sublime Christmas Craft Market

Mulierose at Sublime Christmas Craft Market

It’s the last weekend for the Sublime Christmas Craft Market at Tsawwassen Town Centre. If you’re in town, stop on by from 10 to 4 on Saturday and check out my recycled necklaces and handmade pendants. I’ve even got a few paintings left that would make great gifts for the upcoming holidays!

Satin flower headbands

black and cream satin flower hairband

Last summer I was wandering around the mall, looking to cool down in the air conditioning when I started to notice a trend of flower embellishments on women’s clothing. On closer inspection, I noticed a few different categories, one of which was the slightly curved satin flower, and which was the one behind the inspiration for these hairbands. I picked up some cream and black satin and netting for some visual interest. More hours than I’d like to admit later, I ended up with a pattern, a process and a couple of prototypes.

The possibilities with this sort of thing is almost endless. I can mix and match fabrics, petal shapes, and centre finishing to create a variety of moods. I next plan on playing around with some raw edged duponi silk that is leftover from another project. I feel like this is a direction that I’m interested in exploring further and I look forward to seeing what comes out of the experiments. Check back soon to see what I’ve come up with.

Key pendant necklaces now on Etsy

skeleton key necklaces

I uploaded my first batch of necklace experiments this afternoon to Etsy.

I’m excited to finally have a finished product to show, and while I’d eventually like to get more into the clothing side of the fashion business, I thought I’d start with jewelry. I was wandering through one of my favourite places to go when I visit my parents, Balleycanoe and Co. in Mallorytown at Christmas time, when I came across some keys, keyhole plates, glass door knobs, and other trinkets. I fell in love with them right away, but I didn’t know what to do with them as quickly.

As I rummaged through the shop, I thought more about what I could do with them when I remember Tiffany’s key collection. I’d much have something original hanging around my neck (although I wouldn’t complain if I was given a Tiffany’s key) and I thought other people might feel the same way.

I made my way back to the wooden dividers holding the small bits of metal and picked out my favourites. You can see some of them now hanging on ribbon on my Etsy profile at