I’ve been trying to organize myself and my ‘make’ space in preparation for some serious making. My creative talents outside of the digital realm span from sewing to painting to constructing small wooden projects, and I’d like to use the space for all of the above.

I’ve got a bit of a collection of Guitermann thread spools and needed a better way to store them than in the jumbled messy state that they were in a drawer. It just so happens that there were a few pieces of scrap plywood lying around, so I thought I’d make a small pegboard to keep them all neat and tidy.

Usually I’d go to the hardware store and get good nails, but for a project like this, the dollarstore variety was fine. I marked out a grid on my piece of wood, and hammered in nails at the intersecting lines. Voila! neat and tidy spool organizer that still fits nicely in the drawer.