donate your used clothes to Mulierose

I was fortunate enough to meet some great Makers at the MakeIt¬†mixer Wednesday night at the Lamplighter Pub. One of them (I’m not 100% sure who it was so I don’t want to name who I think it is) came up with the idea that I should accept donations of used dress shirts during the show. GREAT IDEA!

Here’s an even better idea! Bring all of your unused clothing to the MakeIt show next weekend. In exchange for your gently used men’s dress shirts (or women’s if they have no darts) and knit items, I’ll give you 20% off on the spot, or a card for 10% to use at a future date (online or at a show). For everything else you don’t need or want anymore (unless you’re a size 7 shoe ;) ) there’ll be a Value Village donation dropoff booth at MakeIt too.

So you’ll get to clean out your closet, give back to the community, get a discount on Mulierose merchandise, which you can put in that spacious closet you just cleaned out. Everybody wins!