skeleton key necklaces

I uploaded my first batch of necklace experiments this afternoon to Etsy.

I’m excited to finally have a finished product to show, and while I’d eventually like to get more into the clothing side of the fashion business, I thought I’d start with jewelry. I was wandering through one of my favourite places to go when I visit my parents, Balleycanoe and Co. in Mallorytown at Christmas time, when I came across some keys, keyhole plates, glass door knobs, and other trinkets. I fell in love with them right away, but I didn’t know what to do with them as quickly.

As I rummaged through the shop, I thought more about what I could do with them when I remember Tiffany’s key collection. I’d much have something original hanging around my neck (although I wouldn’t complain if I was given a Tiffany’s key) and I thought other people might feel the same way.

I made my way back to the wooden dividers holding the small bits of metal and picked out my favourites. You can see some of them now hanging on ribbon on my Etsy profile at