I’ve been thinking (when am I not thinking?!) lately about how to inject a little more soul into my work. I like the old treasures on romantic ribbons, or soft homey cords, but I’m still in the experimental side of the brand and I wanted to branch out a little.

I’ve always enjoyed painting, but the long time frame required usually prevents me from starting projects. I found myself at Opus on Granville Island this past weekend, and I picked up a package of four 1″ x 2″ canvasses. The original intent was to attach something to the top like an eye screw to create a pendant, but now that I’ve made them, I’m coming with other ideas as well. Brooches, fridge magnets, framing multiples in a nice shadow box have all crossed my mind, but I’m not sure if that’s moving too far away from the ‘brand’ that I’m trying to establish with my experimental work.

In any case, I think these four miniature pieces of art are destined to become pendants. Keep an eye out for the finished piece on mulierose.ca.