Mulierose clothing by Amanda Healey

I’ve wanted to do clothing since I was in grade 7. I always thought I would get around to doing it one day. About a year ago I decided I was finally going to go out there and do it. I just needed a serger so I could professionally finish my seams. As luck, and a great boyfriend would have it, I got a shiny brand new serger under the Christmas tree a couple of months ago. I already had the name and a vision, and now here’s the first of my clothing line. It’s made out of repurposed men’s dress shirts, and keeps the buttons and hem details with some more feminine styling on the top. I love the satin details in the straps and the whimsical feeling it gives the clothing.

It’s great being back at the sewing machine, and while I still have a few details to work out with sizing, I’m excited to see my drawings take life in fabric.¬†While I don’t want to do jewelry any more, I would love to sell what I’ve made thus far. If you’d like something I’ve made, send me a note and we can work out a deal for a discounted price.