ribbon trimmed tank top

My boyfriend recently weeded through some of his clothes and decided he didn’t want some anymore. While I’m generally an advocate for donating to charity, I kept a few items for myself to play with. I took his old shirt, and using one of my current favourite tank tops as a guide, cut out the body of a new tank. I went to the local fabric store, Dressew, where I lingered among the spools of ribbon for way too long before deciding on an apricot colour for trim and straps. To fancy it up a little, I tied and tacked a knot in the ribbon where it’s attached to the body. I like the updated look and I’m thinking of experimenting with other (unwanted) t-shirts, or I may take a trip to the thrift store to do my own digging.

What do you think, this one’s my experiment and I’m keeping it for myself. But would you want to wear something like this if I sold them online?