Mulierose is a casual eco-friendly fashion line designed from upcycled clothing in Vancouver, BC

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Cinched Belts by Amanda Healey

When I started Mulierose, I didn’t know what to expect. I had always wanted to create clothing for other people and by chance I ran into the right people at the right time that knew the right words to push me into finally taking the leap.

I learned a lot from the craft shows I had a booth at and the first Etsy store I opened. I started selling in a few physical stores around Vancouver a while ago and met a lovely entrepreneur named Carol Hyslop who owns Favourite in the Lonsdale Quay. Her and I were chatting about the good she carried one day and she made a comment about needing some basics. One of those basics was a belt. A belt I just so happened to have made for myself.

I stocked up her store already full of treasures and anxiously awaited the results. They came and they were good! The belts sold! I offered my other stores similar items and expanded my online Etsy store to carry them as well. They sold even better online.

After some time to think about where I really wanted to take the business (after all, I do still have a day job as a UX designer that I love) I decided that accessories were a lot easier to keep up with than custom made clothing with multiple pieces involved. It’s also a lot easier on storage space!

While I’m still trying to clear out some old stock on Etsy, if you visit now you’ll see that the store named is Cinched Belts. Once that stock is gone, it’s gone forever. If you’re interested in upcycled wares, I do still have a small selection of belts made from men’s silk ties.

If you follow me on any social media, you’ll notice that the account names are changing over to Cinched as well. And if you don’t follow me, well, now’s as good of a time as any to start! Pinterest Facebook

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New made to order scarves in the Etsy store!

I really want one of each of these for me, which is why I’m offering them made to order for you! Get them now in the Mulierose Etsy store.

Mulierose infinity scarves

Earth day fashion

Mulierose was recently included in a post on itsmelayan about earth day. Be sure to read right to the bottom :)



Mulierose at MakeIt Vancouver all weekend long

Mulierose at MakeIt Vancouver

Mulierose will be beta testing a new idea at MakeIt this weekend! You’ll be able to scour our rack of pristine dress shirts for yourself.

No more wishing this dress’s ruffle was on that dress, or that exact pattern pairing came in a different size. You can choose the fabric, size and the design from any of our existing patterns, and get it shipped right to your doorstep.

Stop by our booth early for the best selection.

Mulierose and Daub + Design customer appreciation sale

New belts available from Mulierose

Ok, so it’s not remade of anything old, but I HAD to have one myself. And I thought if I HAD to have one, you probably HAVE to have on too. So here’s your chance. I’ve got them in small, medium, and large for $20. Available for a limited trial run directly through me. Email me at amanda (at) mulierose (dot) ca if you’re interested.

Upside down jacket

In keeping with the upcycled and upside down theme, I’ve recently created an upside down jacket from a man’s dress shirt with some crafty draping and strategic button placement. I like it so much I had a little dance party in my studio while I took the photos below. Let me know what you think in the comments below and if you’d be interested in wearing a one of a kind creation like this around town.

upside down jacket by mulierose by amanda healey

Mulierose at Portobello West Nov 24/25

Mulierose will be selling at the upcoming Portobello West market at Creekside Community Centre.

Bring the flyer below to get entry for 2 people for the price of one at the show.

Portobello West holiday 2012 show card

Mulierose at MakeIt Vancouver

Mulierose at Make It Vancouver



Mulierose holiday 2012 campaign

Mulierose holiday header featuring Amanda Healey

You meant to get around to signing up for the newsletter, but life just got in the way. Well don’t worry. You can still check out all of the goodies here. There’s a great article on keeping your shopping local this holiday season and  coupons for MakeIt and Portobello West that you’ll want to show at the door for a discounted entry price.