Mulierose is a casual eco-friendly fashion line designed from upcycled clothing in Vancouver, BC

Satin flower headbands

black and cream satin flower hairband

Last summer I was wandering around the mall, looking to cool down in the air conditioning when I started to notice a trend of flower embellishments on women’s clothing. On closer inspection, I noticed a few different categories, one of which was the slightly curved satin flower, and which was the one behind the inspiration for these hairbands. I picked up some cream and black satin and netting for some visual interest. More hours than I’d like to admit later, I ended up with a pattern, a process and a couple of prototypes.

The possibilities with this sort of thing is almost endless. I can mix and match fabrics, petal shapes, and centre finishing to create a variety of moods. I next plan on playing around with some raw edged duponi silk that is leftover from another project. I feel like this is a direction that I’m interested in exploring further and I look forward to seeing what comes out of the experiments. Check back soon to see what I’ve come up with.

Key pendant necklaces now on Etsy

skeleton key necklaces

I uploaded my first batch of necklace experiments this afternoon to Etsy.

I’m excited to finally have a finished product to show, and while I’d eventually like to get more into the clothing side of the fashion business, I thought I’d start with jewelry. I was wandering through one of my favourite places to go when I visit my parents, Balleycanoe and Co. in Mallorytown at Christmas time, when I came across some keys, keyhole plates, glass door knobs, and other trinkets. I fell in love with them right away, but I didn’t know what to do with them as quickly.

As I rummaged through the shop, I thought more about what I could do with them when I remember Tiffany’s key collection. I’d much have something original hanging around my neck (although I wouldn’t complain if I was given a Tiffany’s key) and I thought other people might feel the same way.

I made my way back to the wooden dividers holding the small bits of metal and picked out my favourites. You can see some of them now hanging on ribbon on my Etsy profile at

New life to an old t-shirt

ribbon trimmed tank top

My boyfriend recently weeded through some of his clothes and decided he didn’t want some anymore. While I’m generally an advocate for donating to charity, I kept a few items for myself to play with. I took his old shirt, and using one of my current favourite tank tops as a guide, cut out the body of a new tank. I went to the local fabric store, Dressew, where I lingered among the spools of ribbon for way too long before deciding on an apricot colour for trim and straps. To fancy it up a little, I tied and tacked a knot in the ribbon where it’s attached to the body. I like the updated look and I’m thinking of experimenting with other (unwanted) t-shirts, or I may take a trip to the thrift store to do my own digging.

What do you think, this one’s my experiment and I’m keeping it for myself. But would you want to wear something like this if I sold them online?

Crafty in more ways than one

I’ve been trying to organize myself and my ‘make’ space in preparation for some serious making. My creative talents outside of the digital realm span from sewing to painting to constructing small wooden projects, and I’d like to use the space for all of the above.

I’ve got a bit of a collection of Guitermann thread spools and needed a better way to store them than in the jumbled messy state that they were in a drawer. It just so happens that there were a few pieces of scrap plywood lying around, so I thought I’d make a small pegboard to keep them all neat and tidy.

Usually I’d go to the hardware store and get good nails, but for a project like this, the dollarstore variety was fine. I marked out a grid on my piece of wood, and hammered in nails at the intersecting lines. Voila! neat and tidy spool organizer that still fits nicely in the drawer.

Social networking

Mulierose is still in conception, but in preparation for birth, she’s got her own Twitter account. Follow mulierose on twitter – @mulierosedotca