cotton cuff made from upcycled men's dressshirts designed and created by Mulierose

I know I said I was going to reveal a new product at next weekend’s Portobello West show at Creekside Community Centre, but I just can’t wait!

From the time I deconstructed the first dressshirt, I’ve been pondering on how exactly to make use of the cuffs. When craft show traffic is a bit slower, you can find me hand sewing flowers out of my scraps. I didn’t start with an end project in mind, I just started making them. Now I’ve found a purpose for them – casual, but still pretty, corsage type cuffs.

Like the clothing line, they’re also all one-of-a-kind. They’re designed to be comfortable and have two buttons to adjust the size. They’re constructed with decorative ribbon, fancy stitching, fabric flowers, and assorted buttons. Buy them online in our Etsy store before they hit the craft show circuit this Saturday.