photo shoot setupI’ve always been a do-it-myselfer, even when it would be easier with help. A great example of this is my makeshift photography studio in my living room.

After moving the couch to the kitchen, I pull down a roll of white paper I’ve suspended from the ceiling with a couple of bicycle hooks and thick doweling. Tada! A backdrop! A couple of sheets of bristol from the dollar store on a nearby Ikea shelf, and voila! A reflector to bounce the light from the opposing window so I don’t have to worry about lights.

I have a hard time focusing my eyes and don’t like manual focusing my camera, so I use auto focus on a mannequin with a twelve second timer. After setting the shot, I jump into place, carefully moving the mannequin so it doesn’t cast a shadow, and wait for the shutter.

After a few quick edits like cropping, colour adjustments, and resizing for web in Adobe Bridge, they’re uploaded to Etsy and other social media channels in hopes that they’ll be the next viral pin on Pinterest!

I know magicians don’t tell their tricks to keep the magical feeling. But for me – the magic is in sharing the story of the clothes. I hope you feel just as magical gifting and wearing them!