button down shirt dress

I thought and thought about it some more until all I had left to do was try it. This is the first of my upcycled button down shirts into summery sun dresses. It was originally a shirt that my boyfriend didn’t want. Little did he know when he put it in the ‘donate to charity’ box that I’d be picking it back out.

I sewed up the front buttoned panel to prevent any unplanned peek-a-boo moments, and placed the pattern in such a way hat I could preserve the hem of the shirt. In favour of leaving the back silk screened image intact, I cut the back all as one piece, and moved the zipper to the side of the dress. I went to the local fabric store where I picked up some cotton the same colour as the silk screening and cut out the front bodice and straps to complete the look.

This was a super fun project and I hope to make more soon. If anyone has any custom orders, or other ideas that they’re like made into reality, feel free to chat me up at amanda@mulierose.ca